Woven Wire Mesh

Wirecloth Sales & Development Ltd specialise in the supply of woven wire meshes.  We carry large stocks of a range of meshes from as fine as 38 micron to as coarse as 1/2″ (12.5mm).  We can also supply coarser, heavy duty woven meshes on a woven to order basis.

We can supply the following weave patterns:

  • Square mesh plain weave
  • Square mesh twilled weave
  • Dutch twilled weave
  • Dutch plain weave
  • Reverse Dutch plain weave
  • Reverse Dutch twilled weave
  • Double and triple crimp coarse weaves

We can supply mesh in rolls, slit to width, cut pieces and disc formats.

For an explanation of the different weave patterns and list of the commonly available meshes, please download our Woven Wire Mesh .pdf brochure.