What is Knitted Wire Mesh?

What is Knitted

Wire Mesh?

What is Knitted Wire Mesh?

Knitted wire mesh is made up of metal wire strand knitted into a mesh structure. Knitting wire produces a mesh of interlocking loops giving knitted mesh a two-way stretch characteristic. From a functional point of view, Wire Cloth Sales believe this flexibility that gives knitted mesh its unique advantages for industrial uses.

Materials of knitted wire mesh

  • Stainless steel wires. It features acid and alkali resistance, high-temperature resistance and can be used in harshest environments.
  • Copper wire. Excellent shielding performance, corrosion and rust resistance. It can be used as shielding meshes.
  • Brass wires. Similar to copper wire, which has bright colour and excellent shielding performance.
  • Galvanizes wire. Economical and durable materials. Corrosion resistance for typical and heavy-duty applications.
  • Nickel wire.
  • Polypropylene. Plastic material for lightweight and economical. Low cost and corrosion resistance.

The machine producing knitted wire mesh is similar to that machine makes sweaters and scarves. Installing the various metal wires onto the round knitting machine to get a continuous circle knitted wire mesh. The knitted wire mesh can be made of round wires or flat wires. Circular wires are the most commonly used type and the flat wire knitted mesh is frequently used in the unique applications according to customers' requirements. Stainless steel knitted wire mesh is most widely used in the filtration & separation industries and shielding industries.

At Wire Cloth Sales, we think it is time to show you all the ways you can apply knitted mesh over various industries. Showing you every day and not so everyday applications for knitted wire mesh.

What can it be used for?
Knitted wire mesh can be used for liquid-gas filtration systems; the knitted wire mesh acts as a filter between liquids and gases. These filters can be used in many industries, such as chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, cooking, etc. An example of a knitted wire mesh filter used in the cooking industry is also known as a grease filter. A grease filter is placed above cooking areas to eliminate entrained grease and fat.

Knitted wire mesh can also be used as engine breathers to act as filtration in vehicles. The breather pipe in an engine is a pipe that allows an internal combustion engine to vent pressure out of the engine. Knitted wire mesh is the ideal material to be used as filters for breather pipes as it can remove oil droplets of various sizes and therefore result in reduced emissions, which in turn protects the environment.

Knitted wire mesh can be utilised for sound damping in the motor vehicle industry; the knitted wire mesh acts as a physical sound barrier, vibration damper, sound absorber and airflow regulator. This is why it can be used as silencers in air motors and starters, cylinders and valves.

Here are some more interesting applications for knitted mesh:

  1. Knitted wire mesh can be used as a method to protect against vandalism. Due to knitted wire mesh’s flexibility and durability, the mesh can provide a structure that is slash-resistant to protect bus seats from being vandalized; it prevents extensive damage by inhibiting the blade from slicing through the material.
  2. Knitted wire mesh can be used to prevent theft from canvas-covered trucks. When knitted wire mesh is placed beneath the canvas, it prevents canvas slashing by stopping the blade from slicing through the material.
  3. Knitted wire mesh can also be combined with synthetics to produce body armour. The ability of knitted wire mesh to prevent material slicing is critical in anti-slash jackets used by security enforcers.
  4. Knitted wire mesh is also ideal for electromagnetic shielding. The knitted wire mesh is applied to isolate electrical devices from their surroundings and to cables to isolate wires from the environment. The electromagnetic shielding process aims to lower the electromagnetic field by barricading it with conductive or magnetic material.
  5. Knitted wire mesh can be used as knitted cleaning balls; they are more commonly known as cleaning scourers. Knitted cleaning balls are commonly used to clean kitchenware, soldering irons and mechanical parts in industrial fields.

As you can see, knitted wire mesh has many practical applications that make this product not only unique but revolutionary. To find out more about Wire Cloth Sales and how we use knitted wire mesh, head to our website, or contact us today via Email: wireclothsales@aol.com or Telephone on 01925 268417.