Wire Mesh Belts

Wire Mesh


Wire Mesh Belts

Wire mesh belts are widely being used for conveying purposes. At Wire Cloth Sales, we provide metal wire mesh belts that are often utilised for transporting or drying at high temperatures. Metal woven wire mesh belts are not like chain driven conveyor belts but are driven by self- correcting rolls, which are on high tension. These types of metal woven wire mesh belts are easy to apply, very stable, usually can withstand severe circumstances.

Types of belts

  • Plain chain-link belts
  • Rod reinforced chain-link belts
  • Duplex
  • Round coil
  • Balanced spiral belts
  • Flat spiral belts
  • Cordweave – close mesh belt
  • Wire link
  • Ladder belts
  • Chain, cross lights and side plates
  • Honeycomb belts

Woven metal wire mesh belts are often used in industries such as heat treatment plants, food processing and many more. These mesh belts can withstand severe conditions and can operate at shallow and high temperatures, withstand salt, chemicals and corrosion.

Features and benefits

  • Lightweight, reduced size and thickness
  • Low heat, good air circulation
  • High quality, high strength. Edges are looped for greater flexibility and better contact with drums – even of small diameters. Edge finish prevents the belt from being damaged by side guides and blades.
  • Innovative manufacturing method that provides a perfect alignment of wires into the meshes for the same strength. This is key and helps to keep the belt clean.

How long will a belt last?
By their very nature, all conveyor belts have a finite life, including metal belts. However, it is a fact that the majority of conveyor belts do not wear out or “use up” their life.

Are there advantages of wire mesh over plastic belts?
Metal belts are a clean-in-place style of belt, which means you do not have to remove them from the conveyor to clean them. Metal belts are also metal detectable where plastic is not, which is especially important in food processing. Metal belts also won’t catch fire.

Precision woven wire mesh
At Wire Cloth Sales, we produce an almost limitless variety of precision manufactured balanced weave conveyor belts. These belts are typically constructed with alternating right and left-hand spirals joined by a crimped connection. Stainless steel or a range of other metals may be specified.

Typical applications

  • General industry
  • Quarrying and Mining
  • The food industry, sizing, washing, blanching, drying, frying, freezing, baking, cooling, wrapping, packing, canning, bottling, etc.
  • Heat treatment, Brazing, blueing, carburising, hardening, washing, degreasing, nitriding, pickling, sintering, quenching, rinsing, tempering, drawing, enameling, etc.
  • Sugar industry
  • Paper industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Agricultural industry
  • Architectural – balustrading and sun screening
  • Ceramics and glass industry, annealing, decorating, sanding, etc.

There are many different shapes and sizes of mesh conveyor belts varying the size of the holes and ‘pattern.’ This means at Wire Cloth Sales; we can cater to all different types of business sectors. The mesh comes in different patterns from rectangular to triangular, various openings from wide to close. Our wire conveyors are durable in many different situations, including high temperatures and chemicals.

Woven wire mesh belts are available for lighter products and can still be used in high-temperature applications. Contact Wire Cloth Sales today for more information about the products we provide, via Email: wireclothsales@aol.com or Telephone on 01925 268417.